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Terms of UseThe following terms apply to all users or browsers accessing to the sites. All rights are reserved and can be modified any time by Shenzhen Canwelum Optoelectronics Co., Limited (also simply called “Canwelum Co., Limited”). The rights of visiting the website are granted by Canwelum in accordance with the terms as below. If you didn’t agree with any terms as below, please stop using the website. As for the behaviors in violation of these terms, Canwelum has the right to take legal means or other equitable remedies.

Products’ appearance, color and specifications listed in the website are only for reference. Canwelum reserves the right to modify or cancel relative information or parameters any time and won’t notice any one in advance. If there are any questions, please contact customer staffs or salesmen! All sold products or services are subject to the constraints of sales contracts or terms. 

All trademarks or brand logos used or displayed in Canwelum website are owned by Shenzhen Canwelum Optoelectronics Co., Limited. Any persons can’t use Canwelum trademark or logo in any way without signed permission.

Products or Services Supplied
All the information provided by Canwelum website also has international features because of international nature and no national boundary of Internet. But not all products or services mentioned on the website are able to supply for your countries or areas. Please contact salesmen to make sure of exact products or contact local distributors to buy specific products.

Third Party Links
The website will reserve the links of the third parties websites or URLs. Browsers have the rights to access these links or not. Canwelum doesn’t guarantee that any information, data, ideas, pictures, statements or suggestions provided by those links are accurate, complete, adequate and reliable. These links supplied by Canweum are only convenient for browsers but not show that those information are accepted and recommended by Canwelum, and also not used for publicity or advertising purposes. 

Interpretation Right
The interpretation right and usage right of the website are reserved by Shenzhen Canwelum Co., Limited. All disputes happened by the statements or using the website apply to the laws of the People’s Republic of China. And the disputes should be resolved through consultation. If can’t solved by consultation, it will be proceeded to resolve on the local courts by Shenzhen Canwelum Optoelectronics Co., Limited.