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Police Tactical Lighting

Police Tactical Lighting

Tactical light is a kind of equipment for fighting at night, referring to flashlight mounted on guns. As long as mounted with tactical light, there will be no requirements to take gun by one hand and take flashlight by the other hand. Tactical lights are very suitale for police law enforcement in dark or special armies anti-terrorist combat commision.

When choosing tactical lights, several points must be considered as below:
(1) Firstly, switch should be push design, which is easy to press or release switch.
(2) Secondly, the surface of tactical light should be treated into dark to reduce reflecting glare.
(3) Thirdly, the material of tactical light must be durable.
(4) Fourthly, tacital light’s cubage can not be too big and mass can not be too heavy.

Tactical flashlight is made of aircraft aluminum alloy body, equipped with tactical attack head. Tactical flashlight is not only mounted on pistols or rifles, but also can be taken along to be self-defense weapons, meeting lighting requirements of law enforcement policies or night crusing armies.

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