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Diving Sports Lighting

Diving Sports Lighting

As human living standards has improved, the desire to explore the mysteries of the sea enhanced diving sports gradually gradually developed from individual regions into all of costal cities around the world, and even nowadays more and more diving clubs has developed and boomed in internal lake cities. Since it is dim undewater and people want to see everything on the bottom of sea, a set of lighting tool with perfect function become a urgent request.

Human beings has been exploring on the basis of life lighting flashlight in the past and a varity of techniques have been adatped to improve the waterproof performace of flashlgiht. Finally diving flashlight has been created. Because of the research and development of super-bright flashlight, various super-bright LED light sources has been enrolled into the R&D of diving flashlight. The diving depth is basially up to 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet , 500 feet and 600 feet etc.

According to different diving usages, diving flashlight can be divided into scuba diving flashlight, engineering diving flashlight, fishing flashlight and diving photography flashlight.

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